Its complicated

Today i heard an old ELO  song on the radio, it made me smile, and think of my uncomplicated life back then, to be younger and have the world at your feet was wonderful. Then i watched this movie which is funny but with its complicated story, I love  so I might have to watch it again and have a laugh !


On another note or for something completely different, i did work on a quilt that has been lying around for some time, i did the quilting by stitching in the ditch. Whoever thought this was a good idea is demented ! I was bored, my arms ached, and i felt like throwing the thing over the edge of the universe, and that was after the first session ! But not wanting to quit i kept going and now it almost done, like my head…ahhh, never again will i stitch in the ditch.


This is the quilt, i still have to add a border, well i dont but i will anyway ! so it is a real WIP for me. I also plan to eat loads of chocolate and surf the net for a while, and ponder my lack of enthusiasm for anything else really. Hope you are all having a ridiculously good time with your projects !!

i am linking up with the slow bloggers hosted by Willit  over here be sure to check it out 🙂


The Last Hurrah

its been a long while since i have written anything here, life takes some interesting turns but i hope its a less bumpy ride from now on ! My little girl graduated from high school, it was beautiful and sad all at the same time 🙂 She was happy to finish and is really excited about the next phase of university study and some independence with our help of course ! They have a great tradition at the school where the graduates walk through the centre of the school with the entire school standing on both sides clapping them along the way,  they finish at the lake where they then jump in ! It is summer here and it was a hot day so its a fun finish, but they then head off to the beach and jump in there with all the other graduates from other schools in our region. It is the start of a week of fun celebrating the end of 12 years of school which has become a huge party on the Gold Coast, expecting 30,000 to attend. 





Now it will be a beautiful summer break and we can all look forward to xmas and the new year 😉 


Beach babe

Today the dog and I went for a stroll along the beach which she loved, she ran into the water, dug holes in the sand and generally had a great time eating the sand and swallowing sea water. We had a nice breakfast, drove home where she promptly regurgitated all the sea, sand and bacon, at least she waited until we got home, very considerate ! Poor chook is limping now, she is getting on a bit. Image

apples vs droids



I’m being educated in all things apple, having previously being a total droid girl its all a bit much ! I was under the impression apple is supposed to be easier, which i think was a rumour spread by Steve Jobs to deceive unsuspecting droid users to believe they were  missing out on something ! Now after spending a considerable amount of my hard earned and meagre cash I have no choice but to learn the apple way. Bloody rotten fruit company, an iphone is not easier people, apple are telling you lies !! So now I supposedly have a cloud full of information i cant seem to access so it may as well stay in the skyber space. I still have my droid ph which I will keep, and the ipieceofrubbish can rot ! Does anyone else think apple isnt all what its hyped up to be ? Just to add insult to injury the bloody mouse is dyslexic and moves in the opposite direction, naturally…

ARGGGG @=(*&(*&)

Garden delights ?



Some interesting displays at the garden show on this weekend, I had to laugh at one which was reminiscent of the water feature we just ripped out !

There were many tropical plants on display, which look spectacular when grouped together, its getting them to look that good in the garden that’s tricky 😉

So what’s new pussycat ?!


Not much really, kids are on their break from school / uni, I am taking some time off work and now just sitting for once ! Its been nice to read posts properly instead of skimming though. I am dreaming of another vacation, I cant decide between europe and america/ canada. I love the us and its amazing countryside, but have not seen nearly enough of europe either, at the moment its just a dream 🙂


this looks like the perfect spot !
Rome part two and a half!wandering around on a warm summer day in Rome !

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Wow, its been a while since i posted anything so this is a good chance to catch up with life other than work !

Amy is hosting another quilt festival for all the lovely bloggers who quilt ! Its a great way to go and check out the lovely creations made all over the world, and meet some like minded bloggers. You can check it out here

There has been precious little time for sewing in my world lately, but I have managed to be a bit productive at times ! This quilt was made a little while back and was claimed by my son for his bed. The colours are more subdued, which is probably why he liked it, they are not too girly ! Its a king size quilt approx 220 x220cm, quilted by me which took ages !DSC_0002

This one was made very recently for a work colleague, she is from Finland and is moving back there to be with her mother is not well, so I made it nice and bright to  remind her of Australia.  Its approx 180 X 180 cm, again quilted by myself.


This one is yet to be quilted which I may do in the next few days, I’m being quite optimistic here !DSC_0092
So I hope you like my creations, and have fun looking at all the other beautiful works at Amy’s :0


All work no play

its been a while since my last post, we have been busy with the pool, its still not done and probably will be another couple of months at the rate we are going ! The pavers have arrived and we have to fix up where some boulders were removed from the inside of the pool, which might be tricky. I guess it will all be ok in the end ! I hope its done by the time summer is here !

Here are some pics of what we hope it will look like 🙂

The wall will have a blade so water will fall into the pond and then into the pool


The water will fall into a pond like this except it is square ish


And hopefully the paving will look this good 🙂

ImageThere has been very little time for anything else, so I have nothing to show in the way of sewing or crafty creations. I haven’t even had time to surf the net, which is a bum.

Happy ANZAC day to all Aussies and Kiwis, lest we forget.