Life for rent

There are times in ones life when you could just pack up and leave, forget all the worries and just go and find a new life, do something completely different and really live. Is it that simple ? What really makes us happy ? How many cars/ house / clothes does one need ? is it all an illusion of false happiness, just waiting for us to fall into the trap of more is better, when really it takes very little to make us grateful for a healthy happy life. If you had the choice of being happy with a simple life, no frills kind, laughing over fish and chips with your family on a sunny afternoon, or being gob smacking wealthy with family miles away and no one else ? All my young life we had very little, and it was simple, as i got older i became aware of the divide between the rich and poor, i wanted to be on the rich side. I worked hard, got lucky along the way, and have made a very comfortable life. Somewhere along the way it has started to unravel, infidelity and lies unable to live with the compromise. 

listening to my favourite albums, Dido, 

i always thought id like to live by the sea, travel the world, and live more simply, i don’t really know what happened to my dream. 

if my life is for rent, and i don’t learn to buy,  i deserve nothing more than i get, nothing i have is truly mine, nothing i have is truly mine… 

except I’m keeping the house by the sea and the mercedes 😉 lol



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