Old Sydney Town

I recently made a trip to the beautiful city of Sydney, where I grew up but i haven’t made many trips back there since I moved away many years ago. The harbour is gorgeous, the smell of the fresh blue ocean, the sounds of ferries as they leave the quay, the opera house and bridge all make this one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.





these photos are courtesy of google images as somehow i have lost all my photos which i cannot fathom how, but they are not on my ph anymore 😦  but there was a ship just like the one in the photo above, they are enormous !

I made a decision to eat at a couple of highly rated restaurants, which was fabulous ! One has a spectacular view of the harbour, and the food was excellent, the other one has no view but the food was sublime 🙂 anyhow i intend to go back very soon, and take my kids so we can all have a nice few days there and catch up with my mum as well :0

I also visited a couple of quilt stores, one is quite famous and i did have a photo of the owner with her new book, but its gone also 😦  bloody ipieceofrubbish must have deleted them when it got reset, but kept all the daggy photos, naturally. Another excuse to go back 🙂  Avoir until next time



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