Jan 2014

So xmas is over our bellies are full, new years is done and our heads are sore, its 2014 i hope there is more … 

thats my wit for the month !! 

The city is in sale mode, all the stores have some great bargains, i tried on some designer clothes which i didn’t  love on me, they look so good on the mannequin, damn it, Im getting old, my skin looks wrinkly in the things i used to love to wear 😦  so i left them behind and then found a t shirt that was cool and  only $10, bargain, that was good. The day ended with dinner with my kids and a friend, 

Someone i know told me that after a week of not doing any physical work that they lost 10 % muscle, which im not sure how you could accurately measure, but still i thought i must be a bag of flubber after my lack of exercise for the last, ahem, two or maybe three years… 

I’m going to spend some time with my mum in Sydney so maybe there might be some more shopping opportunities 🙂

Keep smiling !


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