the good, the bad and the snugly !

Its been an eventful few days here, firstly the good, our girl did very well in her end of school results 🙂 She worked so hard for this, so happy for her, and we got her a little car which she is over the moon with, its red and as she says zoom, zoom ! After all that there really isnt any bad, only she hasnt got her licence to drive it on her own as yet, but hopefully very soon 😉


Its been a bit on the warm side here, so too hot for much of the snugly stuff, but i still live in denial and keep quilting ! The patriotic quilt is almost done, after more swearing, but I have learnt to use the backstitch very well now, so less turning and my arms are eternally grateful for this 🙂 I have found a very interesting pattern which will be my new project, quite different from anything i have done before, but i love a challenge so i am diving in ! It will be my thing to do over the xmas – new year break as long as i dont get called in to work 😉

I hope everyone is having a great time, merry xmas and happy ny in case i get busy and dont get back here !


One thought on “the good, the bad and the snugly !

  1. Congratulations to your daughter! Such an incredible milestone. Quite the thing for everyone to wrap their minds around, isn’t it?

    And too hot out? I’m warm right now too, sitting by the fireside while the -30c outdoors is pressing up against the windows.

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