Its complicated

Today i heard an old ELO  song on the radio, it made me smile, and think of my uncomplicated life back then, to be younger and have the world at your feet was wonderful. Then i watched this movie which is funny but with its complicated story, I love  so I might have to watch it again and have a laugh !


On another note or for something completely different, i did work on a quilt that has been lying around for some time, i did the quilting by stitching in the ditch. Whoever thought this was a good idea is demented ! I was bored, my arms ached, and i felt like throwing the thing over the edge of the universe, and that was after the first session ! But not wanting to quit i kept going and now it almost done, like my head…ahhh, never again will i stitch in the ditch.


This is the quilt, i still have to add a border, well i dont but i will anyway ! so it is a real WIP for me. I also plan to eat loads of chocolate and surf the net for a while, and ponder my lack of enthusiasm for anything else really. Hope you are all having a ridiculously good time with your projects !!

i am linking up with the slow bloggers hosted by Willit  over here be sure to check it out 🙂


The Last Hurrah

its been a long while since i have written anything here, life takes some interesting turns but i hope its a less bumpy ride from now on ! My little girl graduated from high school, it was beautiful and sad all at the same time 🙂 She was happy to finish and is really excited about the next phase of university study and some independence with our help of course ! They have a great tradition at the school where the graduates walk through the centre of the school with the entire school standing on both sides clapping them along the way,  they finish at the lake where they then jump in ! It is summer here and it was a hot day so its a fun finish, but they then head off to the beach and jump in there with all the other graduates from other schools in our region. It is the start of a week of fun celebrating the end of 12 years of school which has become a huge party on the Gold Coast, expecting 30,000 to attend. 





Now it will be a beautiful summer break and we can all look forward to xmas and the new year 😉