apples vs droids



I’m being educated in all things apple, having previously being a total droid girl its all a bit much ! I was under the impression apple is supposed to be easier, which i think was a rumour spread by Steve Jobs to deceive unsuspecting droid users to believe they were ¬†missing out on something ! Now after spending a considerable amount of my hard earned and meagre cash I have no choice but to learn the apple way. Bloody rotten fruit company, an iphone is not easier people, apple are telling you lies !! So now I supposedly have a cloud full of information i cant seem to access so it may as well stay in the skyber space. I still have my droid ph which I will keep, and the ipieceofrubbish can rot ! Does anyone else think apple isnt all what its hyped up to be ? Just to add insult to injury the bloody mouse is dyslexic and moves in the opposite direction, naturally…

ARGGGG @=(*&(*&)