Bloggers Quilt Festival

Wow, its been a while since i posted anything so this is a good chance to catch up with life other than work !

Amy is hosting another quilt festival for all the lovely bloggers who quilt ! Its a great way to go and check out the lovely creations made all over the world, and meet some like minded bloggers. You can check it out here

There has been precious little time for sewing in my world lately, but I have managed to be a bit productive at times ! This quilt was made a little while back and was claimed by my son for his bed. The colours are more subdued, which is probably why he liked it, they are not too girly ! Its a king size quilt approx 220 x220cm, quilted by me which took ages !DSC_0002

This one was made very recently for a work colleague, she is from Finland and is moving back there to be with her mother is not well, so I made it nice and bright to  remind her of Australia.  Its approx 180 X 180 cm, again quilted by myself.


This one is yet to be quilted which I may do in the next few days, I’m being quite optimistic here !DSC_0092
So I hope you like my creations, and have fun looking at all the other beautiful works at Amy’s :0


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