All work no play

its been a while since my last post, we have been busy with the pool, its still not done and probably will be another couple of months at the rate we are going ! The pavers have arrived and we have to fix up where some boulders were removed from the inside of the pool, which might be tricky. I guess it will all be ok in the end ! I hope its done by the time summer is here !

Here are some pics of what we hope it will look like 🙂

The wall will have a blade so water will fall into the pond and then into the pool


The water will fall into a pond like this except it is square ish


And hopefully the paving will look this good 🙂

ImageThere has been very little time for anything else, so I have nothing to show in the way of sewing or crafty creations. I haven’t even had time to surf the net, which is a bum.

Happy ANZAC day to all Aussies and Kiwis, lest we forget.