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Tech issues

If i knew how to redirect my blogger blog to wordpress i would do it in an instant, something is wrong with my posts not being updated to blog lists, not happy jan.
So on another note, there is a link to bloglovin which everyone is doing so I hopped on that band wagon, its just another reader for viewing posts. I need some tech help with that on wordpress 🙂

Thats Entertainment !

Its been a fun week, my son and I made a snap decision to see ZZ top and Guns n Roses which was great, although those guys are getting on a bit ! I loved ZZ top, but not a real fan of GnR, that was my son :0 I had to put in ear plugs !!

We also saw a well known comedian Wil Anderson on Friday, who was very funny, quite rude too ! We had seats a couple of rows back which was fantastic, thank god we were not in the front row, those people really were picked on ! It has been a fun time, we also stayed in a very nice hotel with a lovely view of the river, which was nice at night.
image from the net, i forgot my camera again, and it looked a lot nicer than this !
Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂 its back to work tomorrow for me !

Its a winner !

 Hello everyone ! I am amazed at how many fantastic people joined the party ! I felt like I was mingling with a wonderful group of like minded people, such fun ! I hope you had a great time also 🙂
Well now that the party is over it’s time to announce a winner of my prize of two lovely little charm packs 🙂 It goes to Cath from bits and bobs , yay !  Congratulations,  I hope you like them !
Send me a message Cath and it will be on its way to you 🙂

Its a beautiful day here on the sunny qld coast, so I am off to do a bit of stuff outside and challenge my hay fever ! Hope you are having a wonderful day !

perfect harmony

I am in the process of renovation around our pool as the old concrete was cracking and looking a bit worse for wear, so currently we have piles of mud due to the continual rain since we decided to undertake this work ! Anyway in the process we looked at magazines and websites, and it seems a lot of us are seeking perfection in our lives, which is not always such a great thing, nothing is perfect.  Since the fifties we have been inundated with images of the perfect suburban home all neat and tidy, and the perfect well groomed families smiling! It is so not like this in our real world ! 
Some of our greatest and intelligent minds have been only occupied with the developments to improve our standard of living,  we would not be here if not for  Jenner and Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison, Howard Florey and Alexander Fleming, I doubt any of them lived in a perfect home.
So why do some of think a perfect home is the most important thing in the world ? Is it because we can control this and provide ourselves with a sense of order and calm ? If everything else is going to pot at least our home can be our sanctuary. I think that must be it.
I really admire how people devote their lives to improving the lives of others. It takes a lot of selflessness to put others first, taking care of the needy and less fortunate.
With that all said, I will be glad to see our surrounds fixed, but I will think carefully before undertaking any other major projects, because at the end of the day it really doesnt matter what your house looks like, its the people inside that count.

Have a great week !

Blog hop party

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways
Michelle from quilting gallery is hosting another blog hop party with give aways, yay ! 
I have just finished a quilt for a work collegue, she has just had a birthday, so I thought this might make her feel snuggly when its cool here 🙂 She will laugh at that as she is from Finland!  Its got a bit of an Aussie theme in the quilting, lots of swirls and flowers, frangipanis and the squares on the back are in green and gold, for our country 🙂

Anyway back to the party, I will be giving away some lovely charm squares for a lucky follower
the give away is open until friday 15th 9 am AEST.
Good luck !

Reminder everyone you have to be a follower to win this prize !

Also if you are a no reply blogger, I cant contact you 😦