Renovation mess

It’s a disaster zone here at the moment, the concrete has been demolished around the pool and my garden has been ripped to shreds. Also silly husband has cut down some palms, which did look lovely,  and now it looks really terrible, so I am a bit depressed. I’m not a fan of palms normally, but I made an exception for these ones. Hopefully when all is done it will look ok, I will do some more planting. I’m in a fug. I know there are more important things to worry about, but I just wish there was a bit more consideration and sense in the man’s head. Sorry about the whinge, I will get better. I will do some sewing on the weekend to take my mind off it all. Hope your week is going ok.

4 thoughts on “Renovation mess

  1. I agree with Helen, it must be a man thing. They won't do anything, then go into a frenzy with a chainsaw. You could always have a sheet music bonfire to make you feel better; p

  2. You are probably stuck in the dark just before dawn at the moment and it will all work out right in the end, but you have all my sympathy. It's awful seeing your garden trashed. Maybe it will be an excuse for some lovely plant buying trips!

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