Oh dear its been too long since i was here, life does get busy especially this time of year although I am not xmas shopping for the first time ever! I have made a few gifts, and have a few more to go :0
In the meantime I have bought more stash and then I had to take something out to make room, so another project is on the way 🙂 its got summery colours of orange and green, which is fresh and bright, not sure what it will be yet

The gardenias are in flower and their perfume is so lovely, I wish they lasted longer, if I could bottle the scent for the rest of the year it would be divine!

What have you been up to? I will have to go and read a few of your posts to catch up!


One thought on “AWOL

  1. I have read somewhere along the way that if you reduce the size of your pictures (in pixels) you will gain more space — time consuming but possibly worth it! I don't use Picassa anymore, just store and upload directly from my computer!

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