Classic Cartoons

I’ve been a bit quiet on the bloggy front, sorry 🙂 There is a malfunction with my laptop, and my brain. Its a precarious system where there is little space for new information, so old stuff has to be deleted, and my brain hurts if too much is crammed in at one time, as for the laptop I have given up on it!
I did do some FMQ and finished off the log cabin squares, but its stalled there until I get some fabric to finish them so they can be cushions.
In other news my spare moments have been taken up with eyes glued to the monitor in deciding where to stay in LA, my good friend who lived there recommended Santa Monica, but I am not sure. I may stay at Marina Del Rey, it looks nicer and apparently it’s a lovely spot to relax after a hard days sightseeing. I can see us with cocktails overlooking the bay watching the sun set, hopefully my jetlagged brain will be ok and not confuse this with sunrise! After that we will attempt to drive on the wrong side of the road (all the way) to San Fran, wish me luck! And no trip to the USA is complete without a visit to Las Vegas, so Vegas Baby here we come! If I have any money after all that then I will be happy, and end with a visit to Disneyland, which was my dream as a kid, who didn’t dream of this? Gotta love Homer!

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