finally a floor !

Its done at last! Yay! After painting, painting and more painting!
Now it will be a process of sorting out the stuff in the garage, donating loads so we dont end up with it in our newly renovated space! It still needs some prettying up, but other than that its done :0

 I am going to claim a corner for my sewing things 🙂

I am thinking of turning the log cabin squares into large cushions

i dont like the bottom right square on the second one, it looks a bit wrong.
I might work on that tomorrow.
I am linking up with for really random thursday!
Hope you have some good things planned for the weekend! 

4 thoughts on “finally a floor !

  1. You could get some polishing skates to wear on that lovely floor. We saw them in France where they often have polished wood floors and it looked like fun! Your patchwork is lovely and I see nothing wrong with the square you mention at all!

  2. What beautiful open areas! In a week I would have it all gummed up with my constant clutter, so keep me two continents away from it, lol. I think that the reason you don't like the one block is because it is the only one that used the very dark black or brown fabric. It will make fabulous pillows!

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