shopping, wankers and more junk !

The girl and I had a great afternoon, we found her a dress to wear to her semi formal dance which is in a couple of weeks. We cut it fine! but we found a lovely dress after looking from one end of the coast to the other at several formal dress shops, we found one in a regular shop and its so pretty, she loves it ! Thank god for that! She bought very high sparkly heels and clutch bag, she loves them! She is already 6″ so she will tower over everyone!
Ok so that was Friday, yesterday i worked, a whole lot of people with minor problems decided to fill up the waiting room and then started harassing our staff as to why they had to wait hours to be seen. These sort of people should watch a real emergency and then bugger off home.
And the dog was having a standoff with a huge brown snake this morning..fortunately I intervened for her, by screaming like a lunatic to come here NOW, the dog that is, not the snake!
Today is hot as hell here, 35c and windy, its an extreme fire danger, we have had very little rain for over 2 months, everything is bone dry, and tinder everywhere.  So of course this being the only day available before painters and flooring is scheduled we  moved most of the junk from the office  and upstairs as a certain member of our family is a hoarder, so he will have to do a major chuck out when he gets home!
 Its occupying our entire garage, the kids had a giggle at some of his stuff, they found an irish whistle with instructions, a bag full of caps and stubbie holders, and a lager phone, among many many other useless things. Oh and the girl was in charge of taping up boxes, I asked her to just seal up the ends so it would not come undone. She sealed both ends of the boxes. And yes she is blonde. The boy and I just about wet ourselves laughing !
Hope you all have/ had a great weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “shopping, wankers and more junk !

  1. Pity we can't send you some of our rain! However the sun is out today and we do get a mixture of sunshine and showers (and torrents too!) Glad the dog and the snake didn't come to blows and that the girl now has the required costume for her dance. What it is to be young and able to wear high heels etc! Hope your weekend will have gone according to plan and that the painting will too. Sounds as if you need another to recover from this one!

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