I need the fairy god cleaner upper. My dear husband has stored the last 20 years of crapola in our garage and upstairs bedroom walk in robe and  downstairs closet, the new flooring is getting laid in 2 weeks and the painter will be here in 1 week, and dear husband is away for another 2 weeks.  Dear lord, there is so much junk its ridiculous.

Who keeps old folders of plastic sleeves, not just one, about 20 of them!!! It’s doing my head in. If I get this done before he gets back he cant keep it. I will need a trailer to go to the tip, or this
and some chocolate for after. and icecream.
I hate hoarding, hate it with a passion. There are things that I didnt know we had, an old vacuum cleaner still in the box, an aircon unit, ceramic water filter thingys and several old bed heads, single bed bunks, and a multitude of small useless stuff. Sigh. I guess there could be worse things to deal with. Like not having anything, although it would be a lot simpler. Like this man, bless his bare butt!

 Anyway a lot of it will be donated and hopefully someone else can make use of the stuff that is still ok.
 I’m linking up with Linda from Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday so see you there!


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