I am having a floor dilemna, I have a sample of brown maple which is what I had decided on but these are some others I found, they are all lovely. Which one do you like? My home is a modern design with sand coloured walls, I could go dark or light, I cant seem to make up my mind!

I love these floors but don’t know what they are

This one below is walnut, one that seems to be a fav in America
This one is spotted gum, its an Aussie fav
this is brown maple but it lookes darker here in this photo
the sample I have resembles the walnut colour
Brown Maple
She doesnt care what it is!
Its a sleepy public holiday here, its drizzling and grey for a change!

7 thoughts on “Floored

  1. I love them all and it might depend on the feel of the wood as well as the colour. I remember feeling some beautiful reclaimed chestnut flooring in a store once and it was that beautiful feel that grabbed me more than the colour. The gum one would save you choosing a colour though wouldn't it as it has all the different shades in it! Does the price come into it or are they all the same?

  2. Hard Hard Question, wish I could help, but I would probably make matters worse, I mean there's cork and tile out there too! So many choices, good luck! Price and ease of installations are some important factors also.

  3. Personally I like the first one best but it sometimes depends on the amount of natural light you have in the rooms. Hard to go wrong with any of them but I would not be guided by what is "in" as it will not be thus forever. Which one do YOU like best?

  4. I'm loving the spotted gum. The texture and colours look fab. That'd get my vote! We have light oak in the entrance hall and it's great, but shows up all the dirt – I spend my life cleaning it, so if I could do it all over again I'd go for something darker. Let us know what you decide :-)xx

  5. It is a difficult choice for sure…we have been deliberating over the same thing for a while and keep putting it in the too hard basket. x Good luck.

  6. Personally I'd go for the spotted gum; My preference is for a light colour for my floors (although I regret the cream carpet in the lounge room)! Good luck with the decision making!

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