Maleny quilt show and friends

Today has been a great day, I spent it with some lovely quilty ladies, at a quilt show in the hills behind the sunshine coast.

This is the amazing view from on top of the range looking back towards the Glasshouse Mountains

It was a fun day, we saw many amazing works, I didnt take photos out of respect, as many quilters like artists would not like their work copied. My favourite was a paper pieced quilt, it was very simple which is why I liked it so much. I may even have a go at this, even though I may run out of patience with it!
 These photos were from the net and are Sue Daly designs.

This is such a cute design, very similar to the one I saw today
This is another fab design of hers, so wild with colour!
There was one at the show also

I found out this very talented lady lives very close to me! I would love to meet her, maybe one day, if I am lucky!  The quilt store that I go to stock her designs, but its 40km’s away!

Its a long weekend here so I will make the most of tomorrow and work on a couple of projects! I bought a few things from the show to add to the stash, but I am determined to stay on track with the current ones! 
Hope everyone is having a great weekend working on those projects!

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