summer on the way

I think spring has been and gone, its straight to summer here, its very warm and too dry despite the recent storms, we had very little rain. I was standing down at the pool, the sand was put there as a temporary measure until we could concrete, but I kind of like it even though its harder to keep clean 🙂

We bought new sun lounges 

I love the trees, but….
Ah well there could be worse things in life to do!
I’ve just received a lovely parcel of fabric, 
but I need to work on current project first!
Hope you are having a great week!

8 thoughts on “summer on the way

  1. I know what you mean about the leaves in the pool but trees do make it a nice place to be instead of the burning sun all the time. It all looks very nice too.Cheers

  2. Two and a half year old Older Grandson decided today was the day for the first swim of the season! Completely starkers, after dangling his feet for a while, he finally took the plunge! It didn't last long. The air temperature may have reached 30*C here but the water is still cooooooooold!

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