Maleny quilt show and friends

Today has been a great day, I spent it with some lovely quilty ladies, at a quilt show in the hills behind the sunshine coast.

This is the amazing view from on top of the range looking back towards the Glasshouse Mountains

It was a fun day, we saw many amazing works, I didnt take photos out of respect, as many quilters like artists would not like their work copied. My favourite was a paper pieced quilt, it was very simple which is why I liked it so much. I may even have a go at this, even though I may run out of patience with it!
 These photos were from the net and are Sue Daly designs.

This is such a cute design, very similar to the one I saw today
This is another fab design of hers, so wild with colour!
There was one at the show also

I found out this very talented lady lives very close to me! I would love to meet her, maybe one day, if I am lucky!  The quilt store that I go to stock her designs, but its 40km’s away!

Its a long weekend here so I will make the most of tomorrow and work on a couple of projects! I bought a few things from the show to add to the stash, but I am determined to stay on track with the current ones! 
Hope everyone is having a great weekend working on those projects!

summer on the way

I think spring has been and gone, its straight to summer here, its very warm and too dry despite the recent storms, we had very little rain. I was standing down at the pool, the sand was put there as a temporary measure until we could concrete, but I kind of like it even though its harder to keep clean 🙂

We bought new sun lounges 

I love the trees, but….
Ah well there could be worse things in life to do!
I’ve just received a lovely parcel of fabric, 
but I need to work on current project first!
Hope you are having a great week!

Pinterest and other linkys

A while back I did a post here on a quilt that I love. It was made from a pattern that was featured on Moda Bake Shop, by Roslyn Mirrington of Bloom, a very talented woman who has been featured in our Aussie mags. Its on my bed as it is my favourite one by far. So fast forward a couple of years and Moda are having a pinterest comp  in which you can pin a quilt from their patterns, and have a chance at winning fabric yay!! so I thought I would rehash this one as it is a gorgeous quilt – not cause i havent done any others!
I’ve just signed up to Pinterest, so its all new to me, I have only looked at other pins before. Not sure if I love it, but here I go anyway!

 Its called Sweet Menagerie, the fabric was Tula Pink’s Hushabye. 
 I just call it my Bloom quilt!

It was made with a couple of jelly rolls, my fav pre cut, and a simple nine patch design 
it could work with loads of pretty fabrics.
Here is another one that is sort of similar

Its called Salt air crossings
I love the fabric she chose, lovely brights

I hope you are having a good week and I am praying for rain as our tropical paradise will turn to desert without some water soon.

Coffee without milk is crap

Do you ever wake up and wonder what am I going to do today that’s interesting? Yup I thought so. I sat in front of the puter and looked at the blog posts, yup, ok now then…
Looking at fat lazy dog asleep at my feet, hmm should get some exercise, dog opened an eye as if to say what? who you calling fat??  So off we went to find some, wait, let me eat that left over butter chicken in the fridge first, surprisingly there was some in there, she’s psychic I just know it.
She will do anything for food, except roll over, there’s a limit to the subservient behaviour you know, unlike the two legged versions. Actually they do diddly squat. The girl whined about having to clean up her pit of a room, so that the floor could actually be seen and to stop the confusion of clean and dirty clothes all ending up being washed together because you are too lazy to put them away or in the laundry hamper, again. Rolls eyes and stomps off, slams door which falls off hinge. Again. Oh parenting is such a joy at times. The boy at least  offers to do some chores around the house, but that’s just a scam, he takes the money first and then is miraculously busy for the next 10 years. So I come back after slogging it around our hood, and up the hill of hell, put on the coffee machine, and .. %((*((&(&(@@!!! there’s no milk.
 For *^%& sake how hard is it to notice that as you pour the last of it in your 10th cup of milo.. Arrrgh.
Have a great day and dont forget the milk.

Its right pouffy

I’m pouffed!
This is what I’ve been up to lately

 Its hard to get the colours right in the pic
I know its freaking enormous !
The stuffing isnt quite right, so there will be some adjustments, we tried to delump it by lying on it for a while  🙂  

Winner ! and 200th post woo hoo!

As this is my 200th post,  I thought I would announce the winner for the thank you to all the lovely followers…
Its a Hoot by Momo for Moda

I tried to post  the RNG thingy according to a site recommended by another blogger, it still didnt work, bugger. So I hope you can bear with me but I did do the random thing and the winner for the  charm squares as a thank you goes to… Quilary, she has a great blog,  quilary – take a peek over the fence.   Congratulations Quilary I hope you like them, send me your address via a message on my email and they will be in the post !

Thank you to everyone I am loving reading all the new blogs I discovered and hope the party continues!

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!

Today I’m linking up with Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

I have had this old adirondack double chair for years but it was in a stained wood that had faded over the years, I decided to paint it white, as it was starting to show some wear from the weather. I liked how it turned out and its a lovely spot to sit and ponder, especially with a quilt (which I made out of my stash) and good magazine!

Now all I need is someone to clean the house and make me a cuppa ! Ha!
the fruit from our trees, well only a few! Need to make some lemon pie with them, now that would be a nice morning tea  to go with the cuppa  🙂

The photos below were from Hyde Park London, so beautiful, one of my most fav places 🙂

Have a great day everyone! 

Wish list!

I have linked up with finding fifth for the sunday stash and as  I am a jellyroll addict, and I love moda fabrics which my local store doesn’t stock unfortuately, so these beauties will be on my wish list 🙂 for the stash of course! 
 The plain white ones are great for sashing and I use them loads
 They are so pretty, and perfect fresh colours
as its spring here in Oz
Do you have a favourite shop for fabrics? I guess you know what mine is!

Thanks for stopping by

Ikea in real life

This is a train in Kobe that was decked out by Ikea, cool !
If all trains were like this we would travel on them all the time!

this bedroom, yup like it
These pots are a great for junk, I need some more, pots, not junk!
 I could deck my whole house in their stuff, how about you?