bathroom envy!

We are gradually renovating our home, so i have been looking/ dreaming at lovely photos on the net!

They are all gorgeous! 


Visiting the mother land – Uk

Ok a follow up of the last post.

We are going to London in june, this time sans children, wondering the English countryside in summer seems like the perfect thing to do. 

We will of course do Scotland, I have already been told by a Scottish friend that the best shopping is in Glasgow- who knew?  

 And of course Edinburgh

It looks magical in winter, will we stay? 
Perhaps in a couple of years.

life is too short

Last night had a tragic end as some of our staff worked so hard to save a young  life. 

Everyday I am grateful for my family 
I can live with the dirty floor, untidy bedrooms, and loads of washing. 
Hug your kids everyday. 
Dont sweat the small stuff.

Its alright in the end, and if it isnt alright then it isnt the end.


 Weary from the days work, finding a comfortable place to rest.
A nice home cooked dinner with loved ones.
Soft fur on the dog, feels like cashmere.

Reminders of our past, living in the present.

Soft light filtering through the trees, mower in the distance.

Working towards something better,  maybe its already here.
Finding our balance in the universe, being at peace with ourselves.
Time – what is it?

Its alright in the end, and if it isnt alright then it isnt the end…