52 lists in 52 weeks

Week 6 – 10 things to let go of

  1. the credit card 
  2. the vaccuum cleaner
  3. my lack of ability to see reason when asked to admit the 50th patient in a row
  4. my excuses for lack of exercise, see above 1,2,3
  5. my useless filing system which is almost as bad as the other paper hoarder here
  6. trying to help my son work out that being 18 and an adult means fending for yourself without an endless supply of cash from your parents, no wait i dont want to let go of that,
  7. assing around wasting time on stupid stuff see 1,4,5
  8. ok im stuck, i have a pretty good life, i love my family, my dog and my home, it needs work but its still a great home, and 8 is a good number as far as im concerned! 
 see 1.
Hope your ten things are as inspiring! 

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