Happy Birthday Kieran !!!


good old times

Over the last few months there has been a gathering of names to a list that was originally created thirty- yes 30- years ago. This has been no small feat considering name changes and a bit of age, but we are now having a 30year school reunion! What started out as a chance in a million find of an old school friend on fb, now over 60 of us have reconnected, there were a lot more in our final year originally, however, but with any luck more will be found. I guess most of us have changed a lot, i really have some trouble remembering everyone, but it will be a lot of fun on the night! Our suburb in Sydney was always joked upon on the tv by Don Lane and Bert Newton, they had a lot of fun with the name of our suburb – Rooty Hill! In oz “a root” is slang for having sex!
So i have a few months to rack my brain cells that are left to try and remember everyone, name tags would really help on the night! I’m sure it will be fun, if we can remember who we all are! There is one person that i really miss, but unfortunately he will never be  there as his life was cut short much too soon, not long after we left high school. He was one of my best friends. So i will go and celebrate the fabulous times we had, memories of dodging detention, being naughty and then having to pick up rubbish, and learning some stuff  in between somewhere! You know im not sure if much of what we learnt was useful later in life, but we had a bloody good time!

 I am the one with the can of fanta in my hand, my sister has the blue beanie on

up, up and away!

By the time i publish this i will be airborne for the trip of my life! I doubt that i will have time to do much blogging while away, but if there is a computer and i have a few minutes i will try to upload some photos, which my daughter will be happily snapping away!

I am hoping the weather will be good, it seems spring is in the air, it has warmed up considerably which will be nice for us tourists! I am so excited, i cant sit still! How i will sit for 12 hours on the plane will be a challenge! I planned the trip so that we stop over in Hong Kong first so that we dont have the almighty 24 hour + flight  which is just ridiculous! We also dont have to fly overnight which would make me one cranky passenger! I dont do sleep deprivation very well! Australia is a bloody long way from the rest of the world!
Everything seems to be organised to the last detail, i just hope there are no hiccups !

A conundrum of sorts!

I just read an interesting post of a blogger who quilts, and is published in various magazines etc, but her blog is a place where she could say it as it is and frequently did with a few choice words !  Then she discovered her neighbour found the blog, so now she has to be diplomatic in her writing. Well i guess its inevitable someone will not appreciate what our opinions are, but does that mean we all have to be sugary nice all the time? I try to keep my entries positive and if im not happy then i usually keep it to myself, maybe i should vent more often?  Should i be letting the world know that something is bothering me? I could fill pages with the sort of whining that goes on in my head sometimes! I did relate to her thoughts of alienating herself even more so, im not like a lot of people either, i say it how it is too, but a lot of people dont like it. So you soon find out who the important people in your life are! Im not sorry if someone has been a total jerk and now i choose not to include them in my life anymore, that their problem! ahh thats life. I love that quilting is a relaxing past time, mostly! My stitch ripper is my best friend! Besides the dog of course! And my family.


Ok i havent had much time to sew lately, but i managed to do some more quitling, a daisy design ive been working on is mostly done, just need to do the border, which is a bit trickier than i thought!

I am having trouble making the daisies connect nicely, and have had to unpick it and start again! Im still not happy with it, so more unpicking to be done! Hope you had a great night!


Well its been a BIG week, i have booked, payed and totally organised a trip to europe on the spur of the moment, and we leave in one week! This is something i have been thinking/ dreaming of for quite a few years now, so when a work collegue said to me “just book it”, i did!
We will be away for three whole weeks which will be a whirlwind of a tour! Im so excited,  all i have to do is pack!  We will be stopping in Hong Kong on the way, and then off to London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Sorrento, and Singapore on the way home, phew! So there will be loads of photos when we return!
So thats my fav thing for the entire year i think!

Thanks Shay for hosting, hope you can check out the good stuff there at quilting in my pjamas

Farm friday

Well the weekend is almost over here, it went in a flash, like superman over tall buildings! So im a bit late with this post, been at work the last three days!
We dont really have a farm, just acres of grass that grows a mile a minute, esp with all the rain we have had recently. We do have some herbs and veges growing, mostly out of control!

Our neighbours have camels which are interesting, and there is the odd cow and other wildlife around. My madman of a husband has this vision of a garden of eden and has been madly planting anything he takes a fancy to! I do like bromeliads, and have been collecting them lately.  

This is a lovely lookout not far from our house  

happy farmings, thank you to wabi sabi for hosting , and all the lovely farmy things there!

creative space

I am working on a new quilt which is so easy to put together, i am thinking of entering it into a comp, but if it doesnt get chosen then i will try to sell it, with a pattern. It might be the start of a new venture i hope.

for some reason the top photo makes them look a bit pink which they are definitely not!

even this looks like the colour is more green! arrg !!

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