every day

   Every Day i am grateful for all that is good in my life

my two healthy children – they sometimes need a little advice on daily life (clean up your room, put away your clothes- no not on the floor in your bedroom, do the dishes etc..)
hubby who tries so hard to provide for us all, working away from home – his paradise,
the dog who greets me with so much love, everyday, funny girl, who leaves her fur all over the house! Im sure i will be finding it long after she is gone!
Its the everyday that make our lives, how we speak to eachother, the little things we do to help eachother, sharing moments to savour for a long time.

I hope we continue to be so blessed for a very long time.

So i try to send a prayer to those i know who really need it at this time in their lives, whose everyday is a challenge,and take nothing for granted for in a moment it may be gone.

 Hope all is well in your world

5 thoughts on “every day

  1. It's good to be reminded of how much many of us have to be grateful of and to send out a prayer for those less fortunate especially at this time of flux in the world with so much going on in various ways to disrupt people's lives.Jane

  2. What an awesome post and a reminder to be thankful for what we have. Hold onto those precious kids– once they are out of the house you will really miss them, mess and all!!

  3. Hi Lori, i know, my son is already at uni, we just did a road trip together to buy his car, i was thinking as we were driving how it would prob be one of the last before he moves away, so we had a great trip from sydney to noosa!

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