Liebster Awards

oh its so hot here, it was 35c yesterday, and we are looking for a car for our son, he has been driving our 4 wheel drive, which is ok but now he needs his own to get to and from  uni/ home /work. So off again today to look at another one in 33c ! AC is a must here!
And now for a lovely surprise …

 i have been nominated for a Liebster Award from Ann Marie from 16 Muddy Feet, bless her cotton socks, she is a sweetie with so many things going at any one time, and manages to produce the most lovely quilts. I now have chosen a few of the blogs i follow who i hope will like this award, which was started as a pay it forward thing for small bloggers, and its a great way to link up and see the talent all over the world, made by someone just like you !

 Amanda from Sea Breeze Quilts, she produces amazing works in such beautiful colours and has also many projects going on at any one time,
Rossylalah who i have just found through the OWOH thingy, she makes some really beautiful cards, tags and other lovelies,
Naomi from Nomes brag a long  another bag lady amongst other lovely creations and a self confessed dag!
Little Geen Shed, i love her photos and general thoughts on life, kids and crafty stuff 
Jane from Marigold Jam, who shares her wise thoughts and observations in this strange world we live in, trying to be more self sufficient, less consumerable, and generally a lovely person,

So have a great week everyone, hope all is well in your world!


2 thoughts on “Liebster Awards

  1. Thank you so much for giving me the award – much appreciated though I am not sure I can live up to your description!! I will have to pop over and see the other bloggers you have nominated now.Jane

  2. Oh wow thank you so much! I've not had a leibster award… you are very kind. I love the richness of your blog, and such great photos skiing. Lou x

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