wonderful finds and a little creative space

found these on the net


Fancy feather design

Dreaming of a craft room like this
 Martha Stewarts  table setting, come over for lunch!

I made this little bag, and cushion cover,
waiting for the shop to get the webbing in for the bag strap

You can check out more creative stuff at

 So whats happening in your world ?


3 thoughts on “wonderful finds and a little creative space

  1. Those Cupcakes look delicious! Very pretty two…Love that feather quilting design..That craft room is superb–I have a Pretty nice room but that one is a "dream" room!!Lori

  2. Cup cakes look far too sickly for my taste and the craft room wouldn't look like that if I'd been in it for 5 minustes, not sure I'd be comfortable at that table either being more of a bread and cheese picnic sort of a gal but I love the stitched feather and your bag and cushion are adorable. Do show us the bag complete with handle when it's finished.Jane

  3. i agree Jane, but i was admiring the creativity of the people who did all these things, and the design of a truly amazing craft room- i was thinking of all the things i could do in it, which would make a mess! Thanks i will show the bag when the straps arrive,Cheers, Renata

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