squared out

I am a little bit stuck at the moment, with so many things to do- they are all hard work, so im ignoring them and trying to get creative, but seem to be undecided as what im going to do. I started sewing blocks together as i had seen this fabric done this way over at Bloom, 

 I love her stuff she is so talented, and would love to visit her gorgeous gardens, they are stunning take a look and try to stop drooling! My husband has this dream of a garden of eden here, god bless him, he tries hard, he’s usually digging holes and planting all sorts of trees which look a bit out of place! He’s into pandanus trees at the moment, we have about 6 in nicely engineered rows along the fence and two more standing sentinels in front of the others!

  Im sure he has a vision there somewhere! I am more a roses and pretty flowers girl, so i have planted agapanthus and gardenias a fair bit, with the odd azalia anad rhododendron around. There are loads of tropical plants here, which grow well under the trees.

We have quite a lot of fruit trees, mangoes, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarins, oranges – citrus does well here, and macadamia – which the dog loves!

 orange delights!

 pumpkin gone mad
 Pumpkin growing over the chilli bushes
 around the back- i wish it all looked like this!

We are blessed in so many ways and i try to be thankful for all that we have, its hard work though, so sometimes i dont want to go out in the garden, so i craft instead! I didnt show you the front- the grass is over our heads and full of weeds! Now im off to take my antihistamine after the garden tour! Go check this out, one world one heart,  i just found it via Joanne of Thread Head, sounds like fun, hope i get to join up and see you there. Ciao for now.

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