While some of you were sleeping !

 I have had my sewing machine for approx 17 years, and recently- as in yesterday ! I found this wonderful little foot in my box of sewing machine bits ! Low and behold its a foot i can FMQ with !!! I did a little happy dance – as Mrs P says,  which was prob more like a OMG what an idiot i am not to notice this before!! Picture me smacking myself in the head- duh duh duh!!!
I had spent $50 on two that dont fit properly, only to find this little beauty that works perfectly! I was so excited- i know small things !- that i had to give it a go, well i had to wait until i finished work, but this is what i did when i got home,

I have never done this before so its just wiggly lines all over the quilt
but when i get better at it i will try patterns,  
I was very happy with this, i now can bind it and give it to mum for xmas! 

3 thoughts on “While some of you were sleeping !

  1. I am glad it's not only me that has had my sewing machine for donkeys' years and only now find how it works and what some of it is for. However I am a dimbo and don't know what a GMQ is am I the only one who doesn't know? Can it be free machine quilting perhaps?JAne

  2. Yes its Free Motion Quilting (Freakin mad Quilters could also be it or something rude not that i would ever put it print !) Well done, i still get confused when there is a new abbreviation i havent heard !

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