Gardeners Delight/ FTF

I love a beautiful garden full of colour, so when  recently my hubbie and i visited a local garden on display, it has been the home of some rich and famous, so we had to have a look. The gardens were extensive (lots of hectares!) and impressive, and i think in the process of some tarting up. It looked as if the current owners like some colour, and lots of bromeliads have been used. It was a very wet and windy day, not exactly good for garden snooping around ! But we enjoyed the visit, didnt get to see anyone famous, but we bought a couple of bromeliads to add to our little collection from their nursery.

 Anyone could achieve this with a team of gardeners and loads of spare cash!
Check out Mrs P for more fabulous FTF, have a great weekend everyone!

11 thoughts on “Gardeners Delight/ FTF

  1. It's gorgeous! That's the kind of place I could just get lost in for a couple hours. Too bad it was wet and windy. Even so, your photos are beautiful.

  2. My garden so does not look like that …sigh…How HUGE are those agapanthas? Your post semi inspired me to think about doing something to my garden eventually . It's such a beautodul garden. I wonder if Bromeliads can take a bit of punishment? Im not known for tender care. Thanks for linking up to FTF!

  3. Beautiful FTF, Marg! My thumbs are completely black. I kill everything that I plant. Thankfully, DH remembers to water the flowers, so we have a little bit of beauty in our yard. LOL Thanks for sharing! :o)

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