Camera issues

 I have just read another bloggers issue with her camera, which is coincidental, as I recently purchased a lovely expensive nikon camera, and have had to have the lens sent away to be fixed, and its only 1 week old., which is a bummer. So likewise the posts will be made from old snaps, which may have absolutely nothing to do with the post! It keeps life interesting!

I also purchased a box  similar to this but not as fancy, for all my crafty  things so it wouldnt look like a bomb has hit in the living area, mind you it still manages to find its way out! 

A friend from South Africa is about to arrive for a visit, she has been living there for some time, she has said its dangerous on the road!

My mum is in Bali with my sister, having a swinging time i hear! She is coming back soon, and will be with us for christmas and will be driving me bananas by boxing day!

I finally got the tree up- it took a couple of weeks! Hohoho only 25 sleeps to go! Well nearly!

 Have a great week everyone,


One thought on “Camera issues

  1. I don't think I will be buying an all singing all dancing camera like yours – just the basic stuff it in my bag kind for me I am afraid! How very annoying that having bought such a beauty you already have problems. It will be interesting to see how we get on with no new photos won't it?!Glad we don't see too many elephants on the roads here!Jane

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