Favorite things Friday

Bright colours- this is my favourite thing lately, spring has brought out all of natures beauties, so this was my inspiraton for this quilt top
 Verna quilt top
This i made out of some of my verna stash, still got loads left over, i think i will add another border with some of the honeybun. I just love the colours, they are so vibrant, i could make more of these! Although im not sure they would all get a back or quilted anytime fast!
Hope your day was as bright and beautiful as these colours!
thank you again Mrs P and Linda 

12 thoughts on “Favorite things Friday

  1. I've got charm packs of that line and your post gave me an idea about how to eventually use them. Verna is such a bold line it needs to be shown off in chunks. I love what you've done with yours.Thanks for linking up to FTF this week. I so wanna cut something new quilt wise but I'm resisting starting another WIP!

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