Silly season

 Holy crap its nearly christmas time again, where did the year go? Carparks at the local shopping centre are at a premium again, and the shops are jam packed with all sorts of decorative paraphenalia that we dont need, oh except for those little lights for the tree, um and what about those cute stars? And before you know it the trolley is full, the credit card maxed out. again. but hey the tree will look nice!
So its time to drag the tree out while not inhaling the one year old dust as it falls on my head, unfurl its gnarly limbs, then try and form it into some kind of reasonable shape.
I usually try to get the kids to help me decorate the tree, you know the family thing, they seem to stand around looking amuzed while i end up looking like the stupid tree trying to untangle the massive knot that used to be lights, swearing my head off. and because i learnt that once you have spent the better of half the day getting on all the bits and pieces and the tree looks kinda good- never like the ones in the shop,and then you go to turn on the lights, and WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY DONT WORK!!!
Hence the need to buy new ones every year. it saves a whole lotta stress. 


3 thoughts on “Silly season

  1. Not yet surely! I thought it was bad enough here that the shops are full of stuff and have been since September but I haven't seen anyone with their tree up yet – of course if you have a real one you can't do it yet or it would have lost all its needles by the 25th!!J

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