Camera issues

 I have just read another bloggers issue with her camera, which is coincidental, as I recently purchased a lovely expensive nikon camera, and have had to have the lens sent away to be fixed, and its only 1 week old., which is a bummer. So likewise the posts will be made from old snaps, which may have absolutely nothing to do with the post! It keeps life interesting!

I also purchased a box  similar to this but not as fancy, for all my crafty  things so it wouldnt look like a bomb has hit in the living area, mind you it still manages to find its way out! 

A friend from South Africa is about to arrive for a visit, she has been living there for some time, she has said its dangerous on the road!

My mum is in Bali with my sister, having a swinging time i hear! She is coming back soon, and will be with us for christmas and will be driving me bananas by boxing day!

I finally got the tree up- it took a couple of weeks! Hohoho only 25 sleeps to go! Well nearly!

 Have a great week everyone,


Follow your Heart

Its wonderful to have great people around, who can make you laugh and look at life on the funny side and yet share the times that might not be great with care and compassion. I have a friend staying with me at the moment, she is a fabulous person, we laugh so much together its such great fun! But she has been through some really difficult times, and has travelled to some wonderful places, found and then had to leave a man, but through it all she laughs. Like the old saying “better to have lived and loved, than not loved at all, I think she would love the following picture.

 Isnt it beautiful, im not really a cat person but this is so cute! I think i will add this to my site now!  So hope you all have a wonderful week filled with laughter and smiles!

Friday Night Sew In

 Friday night sew in  at Hand Made by Heidi  its loaded with great creations, so take a look, thanks Heidi !
  I spent the night finishing off my calender, which is in the nick of time, it will become a perpetual one now! Anyway its finally done! This was done at my local scrapbook store, they have  friday night craft till midnight, its great fun, lots of sillyness and laughs! They all laughed at my lateness in finishing this off, but better late than never i think!

Hope you all had a creative and fun night !

Favorite things Friday

Some favorite things, my practice at free motion quilting, loads of fun -lots of wiggly lines everywhere !  i love that it doesnt have to be perfect, which of course it will never be, but that it looks great. I havent had much time to do more than a couple of squares but cant wait to do more. Apologies for the lack of colour.

My other favorite thing was today, see previous post, i will never forget this day.
 My two beautiful children.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and be sure to  see Mrs p at her lovely site

ahh what a day !

 Today was a day for lots of reasons to remember forever, a day that marked the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Today my son graduated from high school. He stood proud and tall with his class mates, friends for life, happy to finally finish 13 years of school, but sad too that it has come to an end. The ceremony was lovely, they walked for the last time ever down the main walkway, hugging friends, mums and dads, high fives for the little preps lining up on either side, tears flowing, and final goodbyes to their wonderful teachers. It will be a day never to forget, my boy has grown up.

and then the last plunge into the lake !

More lovelies

Brunch by the river on sunday with family and a couple of friends
the weather was lovely and the position fab
a lovely surprise from my girl, 
filled with hand made chocolates

 Another little rose to add to the collection
and a couple of orchids i repotted 
Hope your week is as beautiful
as these lovelies!

Favorite things Friday

Bright colours- this is my favourite thing lately, spring has brought out all of natures beauties, so this was my inspiraton for this quilt top
 Verna quilt top
This i made out of some of my verna stash, still got loads left over, i think i will add another border with some of the honeybun. I just love the colours, they are so vibrant, i could make more of these! Although im not sure they would all get a back or quilted anytime fast!
Hope your day was as bright and beautiful as these colours!
thank you again Mrs P and Linda 

what the? Wednesday

 Apple Fail !

What the hell, Steve? What about iTop? or iScreen (“i scream, you scream, we all scream for iScreen”)? or iANYTHINGELSEBUTIPAD?

life = mess

I love good design, things that stand the test of time, regardless of what may be in fashion. Something that i would love to incorporate into the decor is the fabulous Ralph Lauren line of design. Who wouldnt really?

real life ! 
life is messy, that keeps it interesting!