Ok  after Mrs P’s surprise post, i thought the best form of flattery is imitation, so here’s was my surprise for the week,

My mother sent these to me as a belated birthday gift, and also one for my daughter- her birthday was in June, but i guess its the thought that counts !
This was something she also gave to my Dad many years ago, she gave it to me after he died, so its also sentimental, its made from scraps of metal 

This was also from mum, she had it for years, and i loved the chime so much that one day as a child i over wound the mechanism !

It has pride of place on top of this old cabinet which mum found in the back of Windsor, Sydney, which was one of the places first settled in Australia
Hope everyone has a fab day and lovely weekend with loads of  lovely things !

9 thoughts on “FTF

  1. Popping in from Mrs. P's FTF. That cabinet is gorgeous, as is the clock. I love the shape of the clock, and the colors of the wood. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have my pop's old mantle clock, it is in my sewing room it has been over wound and I don't think it has worked for about 20 + years but I have to keep it. One day I might even get it fixed.

  3. I really like that sort of jewellery as well. The cabinet is amazing, of course if it was in my little house there wouldn't be room for seating but hey ho!

  4. Pretty necklaces! I like the heirlooms you have from your dad and mum. Maybe you can get the clock fixed so it chimes again? That's a neat dresser it's sitting on too.

  5. Beautiful jewellery Mrs. A! I'm rather taken with the cabinet as well. I have asked Marg to pop it in her handbag next time she visits. Thanks for playing FTF this week. You have some eclectic things. I think thats what makes a house unique.

  6. Thank you everyone, ive been meaning to get the clock fixed, and the cabinet could possibly fit into one of Marg's humungous bags, i will have to watch her!

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