Favorite things Friday

Ok Im jumpin on this band wagon thanks Mrs P
 Ok i didnt do the knitted vegies but i love them
Or the cup cakes but yum, 
however i did do the quilts and journal
 i pinned the top to the batting and forgot about the backing -bugger!
could be another post for stupid stuff saturday!

 the hair ball decided this was comfy

And lastly snow, i was born in the wrong hemisphere, 
as it only snows for a short time in a very small part of this 
counrty but this is taken looking up the road from our chalet at falls creek

8 thoughts on “Favorite things Friday

  1. Your quilts are lovely! It's probably due to the good work of your furry quilt inspector. ;-)I've never seen knitted veggies before. What a beautiful snow picture!Lots of cool favorites in your post.

  2. Mrs. A we finally meet! Hi!Thanks for swinging by and linking up. My favourite was the rag quilt. It's beautiful. And I am rather partial to rag quilts. Yours is alot nicer than any I've made to date . Hmnnnn perhaps it's time for me to make another one?

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