tropical delight

After returning from Melbourne with a rotten cold which i think has caused my tympanic membrane (aka eardrum) to rupture as i am a bit deaf and it hurts at times, but i was greeted by a gorgeous display of flowers
in the garden. They are very beautiful, and i can see them all the time so it makes me feel better.

The purple ones are Tibouchina, The white and orange ones are a rhododendron, the hibiscus is a lovely pink and cream, but the camera wouldnt cooperate and flash, so they look a bit dark. Also it was overcast, and it has been raining so its a bit soggy!

2 thoughts on “tropical delight

  1. OK – I have figured it out!! Seems **I'm*** a bit tech challenged!!! Glad you got my message – I and delete the post now 🙂 Kate

  2. Hi Mrs A! Just wanted to say hello, and thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! It was lovely to meet you:)Love your snow pics too! Carole 🙂

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