The snow gently falling outside our window
the five of us
 on top of the summitt
We had a great time, the alps are very beautiful, we walked to the top of one of the mountains overlooking the village just before sunset, it took us a couple of hours to get there and back but was worth every minute.

2 thoughts on “holidays

  1. Great Melbourne photos! I have to put it on my To-See list!Thanks for your comment on my blog. My favorite place to stay in Paris is a youth hostel called St. Christopher's. It's clean, new, fun, and close to the metro. It runs about £25 a night for a bunk in a dorm, and about £40 for a private ensuite.If you prefer a hotel over a hostel, try La Villette. It's a nice place right next to a metro stop. It only takes about 20 minutes on the metro to get to the center of the city.Good luck and have fun in Paris!Teresa

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