rocks in his head

another blog i follow has just commented on a near miss with low flying geese, i have to regularly wait for the local brown duck family to decide when a good time is to get to the other side of our road. Mr Duck will be on one side while Mrs Duck is still standing in the middle looking at my car deciding whether or not she should waddle on to Mr Duck, well if he is like any of the male species she should head for the other side and run like hell!
My other half is really being a dick, he got about 10m3 of pebbles, which we didnt need, although i must admit to telling him about them, thinking he might get about 1 or 2 m3. These go nicely with the 30 or 40 tonne of boulders he got numerous years ago which are strewn about the garden looking as if an earthquake just hit.

Anyway so there they were on  the driveway, blocking it nicely. i scratched my car getting out so was now pissed off, so i decided to enlist the help of my slothful son to move at least enough so i could get in and out. I thought we were progressing fairly well when  other half gets home and says “thats not very good’ at which some choice @#$% words were muttered from myself and i promptly left the scene before someone was murdered. So other half takes slothful son out to print a document and arrives home several hours later with a large rock moving machine. Then he cleans the gutters. So i say ‘um that machine, is it gonna be used?’ I narrowly missed being hit by a lump of rotting matter, i thought about giving the ladder a shake but then decided at least i would wait for the pebbles to be moved which hopefully will be tommorrow.


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