Rain? Shithole?

ok i should be studying, hmmm, or making something crafty, or something to eat, but instead im surfing the net, much more interesting. I found some knitted veges, crafty but not edible, but would appeal to a couple of fruitloops, oops, i meant friends ! I also found an arty site, one old painting a day,  which just reminded me i need to put some of my paintings on this blog, but my darling husband has taken the camera, again, and some interesting photos, i found on the net, not him. Its still raining here on and off, i think its starting to affect me, my brain has forgotton what sunshine looks like, in fact the sun shone for a millisecond and it nearly burnt my retinas! I have heard the suicide rate is high in Seattle, maybe because of lack of sunshine, or maybe beacause of all the viruses infecting microsoft, or the state of the coffee at starbucks! I stayed up to 1am reading Mich Alboms’ For One More Day, which was very good, as are all his books, which is about having one more day with his deceased mother after he was in an accident and i guess in his unconscious state he was able to tell her he missed her and loved her very much. Which made me think of my mother, who unfortunately is a big whinge bag, and the last person I would want to spend a day with dead or alive. You may think thats cruel but honestly its like watching Eddie Macguire commentate on the finer points of curling, which is a lovely sport but he is a total idiot. Which reminds me my favourite tv shows are all on tonight, none of which involve the aformentioned idiot thank god, so i will attempt to finish the jumper i am knitting for my daughter, i only have to do the band so shouldnt be too long, maybe by winter she will have it, hopefully this year. Then my son wants one, so i will probably have some kind of knitters (or nutters) rsi at the end. Then i might get a crocheted vege patch nanna rug hint hint!! love your stuff margie!
the jumper should look like the photo here,  in case i really stuff it up, or she outgrows it before im finished!
avoir from the nutter, i mean knitter, i think, heheh told you it was affecting me…

4 thoughts on “Rain? Shithole?

  1. ps check out mr london street on my bloglist and read catastrophe and the comments, ah im gonna be laughing to myself all evening, hope to be home for desperate housewives or i'll be the one muttering fuck to myself!

  2. Ummmm Renata. Which particular drugs did you combine today? Thanks for the compliment, although I am still wondering about the fruitloops comment.

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