Well spaceshuttle blog we have lift off! Well at least a couple of centremeters at least, as two yeah TWO people other than my faithful friend – hi there Marg, have actually read my stuff! So that should keep me going for a couple more months! Well the heat is upon us now 32c and sooo humid, I am definitelty living in the wrong hemisphere. I would gladly swap the sweaty sarong here for a cashmere jumper in the cooler parts of the world. Today the dog chased a huge goanna up a palm tree beside the pool, that was exciting! Lucky for her it didnt bite her instead. We seem to have a reptilian refuge here, there is a lovely long black python that likes to sun itself on the rocks, and several other smaller snakes, one little black one came to visit on the back porch, which was promptly relocated on the broom to a safer spot. It keeps the dog on her toes, when she sticks her nose out the door, which is less often (never)! So while the ac is blasting away, I tried to spend some time trying out new blog layouts, but not really sure it was worth it, as it is a trial version so they paste little trial words across the page- not very good. But I did do some scrapping and have started the calendar, jan and feb are ok, march nearly done, april looking good, may and june under construction, should get it finished by the end of the year! unless something else becomes more interesting….


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