holiday fun

so just been reading some other blogs, there seems to be the pefect Bree from desperate housewives who can bake the perfect cake, every day…? or sew amazing garments or decorate better than your average designer mag,. or those who are more or less than normal beings thank you. So today im bored out of my brain, my social life consists of taking my kids to their various outings with their own friends, and their are more tourists around than the whole population so an outing soon becomes a fight for A carpark B service C keeping your head on. I should think myself so lucky to live in a major tourist destination but really there must be a thousand other places more interesting, the beach is good, but what to do if its raining? Yesterday an outing to the cinema was like a stampede out of lion king, forget the popcorn just get a seat! Next year im going away this is insane, ok i gotta go im late for my daughters lift to her friends place…


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